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3 Ways Using AI Can Save Your Business Time

With the advancement of AI, some businesses are hopping on the movement and riding the wave. AI has proven that it is here to stay, gaining traction with all businesses. Its capabilities are increasing and access is growing. If you’re wondering how this affects your business, or how to implement AI, we’ve narrowed down the top 3 benefits for businesses to use AI and save time.

Virtual Assistants and Data Entry

You may not even realize you are using an AI assistant already. But if you use Alexa to order groceries or Siri to make a reminder, or Google Assistant to set an appointment, you definitely are. Although these  are considered “weak AI” examples, it is still executing a task it was designed to perform. “Strong AI” personal assistants can go beyond its counterpart and complete tasks such as book a restaurant or tickets, make travel arrangements, hold a natural conversation, or more complicated tasks such as assessing if a person is having a heart attack.

Data entry will more than likely be completely automated within the next 8-10 years. Machine Learning Algorithms (MLA) have the capability to input data not only faster, but more accurately than humans. AI is even able to convert printed and written documents and text into digital data, saving you valuable time and reducing errors.

Create A Personalized Customer Experience

With the use of chatbots, businesses are able to provide prompt customer service while reducing wait times and performing routine tasks. The creation of AI-powered chatbot platforms can help provide a seamless experience using natural language processing that recognizes and responds to your customers’ requests and inquiries. AI can also help your customers by answering common questions, providing help after business hours, and directing them to additional services or help based on what they are searching for. Thus, increasing overall customer experience and satisfaction.

Increase Employee Productivity with Automation

Setting up routine tasks such as shipping confirmations, following up on support tickets and responding or creating emails is another way AI saves your business time. Have a CRM? AI tools can help streamline your workflow resulting in a more efficient and reliable process. Need help writing? The natural language processing technology can also be used to create reports and other content, summarize information, make suggestions, and help with brainstorming ideas. It has even been used to write out job descriptions and draft emails!

If you are a small business, leverage the power of AI in marketing by collecting and analyzing customer behavior, demographics, and preferences to develop a marketing strategy your customers and potential customers can identify with (think about the personalization of your Netflix recommendations). AI can identify trends in the marketplace, creating a gateway for your business to expand or decrease your marketing efforts. 

Although AI is far from perfect, it can still be used to add value to your business. Use it to automate your daily tasks, increase your employee productivity and improve your customer experience. 

If you need help getting started, schedule a consultation with our team and let us show you how AI can be beneficial to your business!


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