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Apple bans employees from using ChatGPT. Should you?

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere! What started as a way to increase proficiency in solving mathematical problems, has evolved into a complex machine learning that can perform tasks without human intervention. And with that, ushered in a new era of automation to become more human-like with the introduction of ChatGPT.

So why is Apple banning it? Let’s dive into what ChatGPT is and what it offers.

ChatGPT can be defined as an AI tool that uses natural language processing in order to create a more human-like conversational dialogue and assist with tasks like writing essays, building resumes, writing code and holding a conversation, something your search engine can’t do. 

Although this all sounds good, there are some limitations (at least currently), such as the lack of a plausible response or explanation, inability to answer questions that are worded in a particular manner. Without the addition of clarification, some responses can be irrelevant, inappropriate, or just plain wrong. ChatGPT also does not provide sources for the answers given, unless you are on the ChatGPT Plus program. 

Without the ability to decipher intentions, it is easy for someone to use ChatGPT for ill intentions, which is the reason Apple has banned the technology. Concerned with the leak of confidential and sensitive information, Apple is not taking any chances and following the lead of Samsung in a blanket ban once it was discovered an employee uploaded a confidential source code.

Think of it like this. The questions and commands you give ChatGPT are being used as a data point for future answers, which can then be accessed by individuals either inside or outside of the company for any range of reasons, including malicious intent. So the question becomes ‘Who owns your questions turned data’, and ‘Who is able to benefit from it?’

ChatGPT may seem beneficial, the chances of some type of security breach are too great to leave to chance. Until the security is upgraded to reflect the type of society we live in, ChatGPT leaves us at an increased and unnecessary risk of confidential information being put at risk.


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