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Website Design + Development case study


Website Restoration, IT Support, Malware Scan, Website Design, Website Optimization, Cyber Security Installation, Website Integrations, Troubleshooting, and IT Support.

When our work began, was completely eradicated from the internet. Once we accepted the project, we were able to restore this website as well as two other websites for the organization. Later, QC was employed once again when the website was experiencing issues. We quickly discovered the problem was malware. Not only were we able to remove the malware, but we also set the websites up with the highest level of cloud based software to ensure security. Over time, we have been asked to perform many tasks such as: design, optimization, maintenance, integration of various softwares, and even increasing speed and capacity. QC was able to bring from a GT Metrix speed and performance rating of an F to an A+. According to Google Analytics, new users on the website have increased by 119% and the event count on the website has increased by 115%, thanks to Quartz and Clay.

“Working together with marketing and our in-house designer, Quartz & Clay reassessed our needs from hosting to content presentation, and rebuilt our digital presence with the “from the ground up” construction of two new websites to replace the outdated footprint. Quartz & Clay guided us to a new hosting service, implemented best practices for site security, and provided all the backend development to enable the presentation of our original video, podcasts, and image galleries. The sites are stable, clean, quick, and functional. I continue to rely on Autumn and Quartz & Clay for our sites’ technical maintenance and to add functionality when needed. The working experience has been great with thoughtful solutions and quick response times. The process is transparent with recommendations presented prior to work beginning and detailed reporting on work performed. If you are in the market for a web designer/developer, I recommend Quartz & Clay.” -Todd Ames case study


Branding, Website Design, Website Optimization, Scheduling Integration, Ecommerce, Google Reviews Integration, Website Maintenance and Management.

Luminary, formally known as R&R Cleaning Essentials, needed everything from a new name to a stellar website and system optimization. QC not only renamed the business, but we designed the logo and built the new website. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome, was the company’s process of scheduling over the phone, taking payments through various apps and systems, and then entering data manually into a separate scheduling software. QC was able to build Luminary a luxe website with an incredible user experience and a scheduling/payment platform integrated seamlessly. Now, in just a few clicks, customers can see availability, book a service, and pay their deposit. According to Google Analytics, new users have increased on the website by 261% and the event count on the website has increased by 176% since launch, thanks to Quartz and Clay.

“Our company used Quartz & Clay to rebrand our company and recreate a new website. We had the best experience ever. From the customer service to the project deadlines we could not have been more happier. Will definitely use this company again.”
– Celisa Webster case study


Branding, Website Design, Website Optimization, Website Maintenance and Management.

Pls Coordinate was in need of a refresh: not only for their website, but also their overall branding. The company was winning awards and accolades as one of the best in the event coordination industry, but because the marketing did not match the level of customer service they provide, potential clients were not seeing its true value. QC was hired to establish new brand colors, typography, and imagery as well as constructing a site that communicated the company’s message. Now, clients experience a luxurious website fitted with all the bells and whistles, perfect for any bride or grooms wildest dreams. case study


Website Design, Website Optimization, EMR Integration, Google Reviews Integration, Website Maintenance and Management.

Agape Family Healthcare was struggling digitally, due to a generic slow template site sold to them by a large company who was charging them every single year. We love helping clients in this type of situation not only break free of the costly contracts, but also get a fast customized website that appeals to their target customer. Now, with their speed improved and SEO running smoothly, patients can find the website, view services and reviews, and even schedule an appointment within minutes.

“I am so glad I found Quartz and Clay. Autumn did a fabulous job creating a website for Agape. In the heart of Madison, TN, Agape has the unique experience of representing a diverse and eclectic population, encompassing multiple nationalities and varying economic situations. The website is a true reflection of how the clinic population is represented. We are so proud of the new website and how reflective it is in representing us. Additionally, the team was easy to work with and on point with all aspects of the buildout. I would HIGHLY recommend them to any organization that is looking to build a website that becomes an asset to the overall growth of your organization!”
-Dr. Beverly Davidson case study


Branding, Website Design, Website Optimization, E-commerce, Cyber Security Installation, Website Integrations, Website Maintenance and Management.

QC was tasked with rebranding 6 Degrees of Destinations to its new name, Afrotopia. Owner, Ezekiel Benson, wanted to transport his potential customers to the exciting destinations Afrotopia offers through his branding and website. For this project, we designed the logo, used color psychology to showcase the company’s stunning images and video, and built a user friendly experience allowing the potential customer to navigate quickly to their trip of interest and book their desired dates. Previously, visitors were not able to see trip details, pricing, or book trips online, which caused low website conversions. The booking process was complicated and performed completely by the business owner. Thanks to QC, Afrotopia not only has a more beautiful website, it also now has streamlined and automated processes where customers can book, ask questions, and make all their payments online. case study


Website Design, Website Optimization, Website Integrations, Website Maintenance and Management.

The G.I.A. Fund is one of our nonprofit partners and this website was a passion project for us. We wanted to capture Gia’s spirit, drive, compassion, and inspirational nature in a way that would both honor her memory and help the organization make the greatest impact possible. Colors and imagery were inspired by Gia’s own performances, mood board, and logo design. Scholarship applicants now have a place to belong, a place to be inspired, and a place to find essential mental health resources as well as upcoming artistic events. case study


Website Design, Website Optimization, Scheduling Integration, Integration, SEO, Blogs, Google Ads Management, Website Maintenance and Management.

Vytal Living not only refreshed their website with QC, but the business also is on our Grow Big Monthly Sales & Marketing plan. According to Google Analytics, since partnering with QC, Vytal Living has increased its new users to the website per quarter by 120% and increased its event count per quarter by 89%. According to Google Search Console Vytal Living now ranks #1 organically on Google Search in the following categories, “functional medicine near me,” “functional medicine doctor near me,” “holistic doctor near me,” “functional wellness doctor near me,” “integrative medicine near me” and many more related categories, thanks to Quartz and Clay. case study


Branding, Website Design, Website Development, Website Optimization, E-commerce Donation Integration

Scars Uncovered, as seen on Good Morning America, is an incredible organization that provides aid and support to burn victims. Quartz and Clay was tasked with designing and developing a beautiful website that not only told the story of the organization and the survivors it supports, but also making it easy for volunteers to get involved or donate online. During the process, our team helped Scars Uncovered change their brand colors in order to show the vibrancy, joy, and love within the organization. Thanks to QC, the website is now interactive, easy to use, and gaining new donors and sponsors for the organization daily. case study


Branding, Website Design, Website Development, SEO Integration

Abacus Business Partners outgrew their previous name, branding, and website. Therefore, QC stepped in providing them with new branding and logo design, as well as typography and imagery. Then, our team built a user friendly website for potential clients to understand what makes Abacus different and allow them to quickly and easily set up a consultation. Thanks to QC, Abacus is growing every single day, bringing on even bigger clients.

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