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Get Ready to Adapt: How Google SGE Will Change the Game for Google Ads

If you are using Google Ads, you already know the importance of staying ahead of the curve. A recent innovation from Google, Search Generative Experience (SGE), promises to shake things up in the search results page, and it’s crucial to understand how this might impact your business’s advertising strategy.

What is Google SGE?

Imagine a world where Google doesn’t just display links – it provides concise summaries of search queries, along with helpful information and follow-up prompts. That is the magic of Google SGE. This AI-powered feature aims to give users a quick and informative starting point for their research.

How will this affect Google Ads?

While the full picture is still emerging, here’s what we can expect:

  • Potential Decline in Click-Through Rates (CTR): With SGE offering immediate answers, users might be less inclined to click through to individual websites. This could lead to a decrease in clicks on your ads, especially regarding purely informational searches.
  • Shift towards Upper-Funnel Marketing: Since users might be in earlier research stages, your ads need to focus on brand awareness and capturing interest. Think about incorporating captivating visuals, value propositions, and clear calls to action.
  • The Rise of New Ad Formats: Google has hinted at experimenting with new ad formats within SGE. These could be native ads that blend seamlessly with the AI summaries, offering a more targeted and relevant user experience.

So, what should you do?

  • Embrace Credibility: As SGE highlights sources, ensure your website is a trustworthy authority in your field. High-quality content and positive reviews will be crucial. Ensuring your website is fast, user-friendly, and safe (malware free) will keep you in good standing with Google.
  • Refine Your Targeting: With potentially fewer clicks, focus on attracting high-intent users who are closer to making a purchase. Utilize demographics, interests, and keywords strategically.
  • Experiment with Ad Formats: Be open to exploring new ad formats within SGE as they emerge. This could be a great way to stay ahead of your competitors and capture user attention within the summaries themselves.

The Future is Now.

Change is inevitable, and Google SGE presents an exciting opportunity to adapt and innovate your Google Ads strategy. By understanding the potential shift in user behavior and embracing new possibilities, you can ensure your business continues to thrive in the evolving search landscape. Remember, the key is to focus on user intent, provide value, and establish yourself as a trusted source within SGE’s informative environment. Quartz and Clay is here with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to help you continue to increase your conversions as the digital landscape changes. Schedule a free consultation with us today.


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