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Is Your Website Secure? Here’s How to Check!

With hackers able to access your personal information with the click of a button, security is necessary now more than ever! Having a secure website provides your clients with a sense of trust that makes them more likely to purchase from you and give referrals. Likewise, on the other hand, an unsecured website leaves both you and your clients’ information vulnerable to hackers and thieves. Before you put your sensitive information into a site’s database, check to make sure the information you provide is secure and encrypted. 

Let’s get into it!


First, what does HTTP/HTTPS even mean? HTTP is short for HyperText Transfer Protocol; the ‘S’ adds Security. The protocol provides the rules in an application for the web browser to communicate with the web server. An HTTP address means the request for information from your browser is sent over a not secure connection, and the response sent by the web server is also sent back through a not secure connection. Because there is no layer of security, anyone with a basic knowledge of protocols and syntax can view all information sent through a server. This means sensitive information, such as your credit card details, is posted for everyone to see.

 HTTPS means the  information is sent over an encrypted network to a secure website, enabled by the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), or the upgraded TLS (Transport Layer Security). This is a major key in protecting your sensitive information.

Why Does This Matter?

If you have ever been to a HTTP site with a browser such as Google Chrome, the first notification you receive is “This website is not secure” or you will see a warning symbol. This is the first point you lose customers. Studies show that 64% of people immediately leave a site that is not secure, and it could potentially dissuade them from ever doing business with you. 

All that for a letter “S”.    

What If I Don’t Store Personal Information?

The short answer; it still matters. Not having a secure site negatively impacts your Google rankings, if you even get ranked at all. Google prioritizes sites with secure connections (HTTPS) over those that don’t, meaning even if you don’t store any information, you are “illegitimate” in the eyes of Google. 

You want your site to be viewed as trustworthy, and a secure site can do that. It lets customers know that you value their privacy, and any information they do put into your website will be protected. 

How Do I Secure My Website?

Don’t let a SSL certificate be the reason you are losing customers. Quartz and Clay can make the switch for you with:

  • Minimal to no website downtime
  • Minimal to no loss of traffic to your website during the migration process
  • An experienced team that will eliminate any errors and/or bad redirects

Give us a call today and have a secure website tomorrow!


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